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The 2nd Ipswich (St Bart's) Cub Pack Enjoy Some Cooking Lessons

06 March 2014 | Trinity Park

Trinity Park hosted The 2nd Ipswich (St Bart’s) Cub Pack last week to enjoy a cooking lesson with our Head Chef, Steve Carroll to help them achieve their Chef’s badge. The cubs would normally take on this challenge at their small church kitchen but theTrinity Park team thought it would be a great idea to invite them to Trinity Park along with their Group Scout Leader, Pat Andrews, who works part time as a catering assistant. There were 8 cubs in all and to achieve their chef’s badge they had to prepare a three course meal. Group Scout Leader, Pat Andrews said “It was a brilliant idea for my cubs to come and complete their chef’s badge at Trinity Park’s Kitchen. They chopped, diced, stirred, piped and produced a three course meal. All together the event was a great success and my thanks go to Steve Caroll (Head Chef) & Kevin Long (Assistant Events Manager)  “.

A huge congratulations to all 8 cubs for achieving their chef’s badge!