Asian Weddings

Asian Wedding Venue, Trinity Park

Asian Weddings at Trinity Park

Trinity Park lends itself to be a perfect Asian wedding venue and as a result is increasingly becoming known as the leading venue in the county for Asian weddings.

Our dedicated wedding consultant has become a sensitive confidante of our Asian wedding clients and has learned much about the traditions, customs and religious requirements so he can benefit your planning with his experience.

The sheer scale and flexibility of our award winning venue, our list of approved traditional Asian caterers and unlimited parking, makes it ideal for hosting large wedding parties of over 500 where the male and female guests may also need to be segregated according to traditional religious customs.

We are highly experienced in responding to the requirement and customs of Asian wedding and like all weddings at Trinity Park, your wedding day will be individually planned and unique to you.


Beautiful Asian Weddings

Please take a look at just a couple of the beautiful Asian weddings held at Trinity Park. 




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